Heligoland, Bremen and Hamburg

06/25/2014 - 06/30/2014
by kuba10


DAY 1 - travel from Prague to Bremerhaven

DAY 2 - Heligoland

DAY 3 - Heligoland

DAY 4 - Heligoland

DAY 5 - Bremen

DAY 6 - Hamburg, travel from Hamburg to Prague

DAY 1-4 - Heligoland

After we had spent 8 long hours driving from Prague to Bremerhaven, we finally reached port town, where our ferry was ready to take us to Heligoland. It took 2-3 hours until we arrived on this small German archipelago in North Sea. It consists of two islands, main island called Heligoland and smaller one called Düne.

There is very attractive camping site on Düne, where we built our tent among sand dunes. Airplanes were flying right above our heads, because small airport lies on Düne. Düne is well known for its population of grey seals. You should not approach to them too close, there are guards that should keep distance between seals and people, but when we were swimming (water is very cold even during summer), seals sometimes almost touched us in water.

Perhaps the most photogenic place on Düne is red-white lighthouse.

While Düne is suitable for swimming and sunbathing thanks to its sand beaches, main island of Heligoland attracts visitors because of colourful houses, cliffs and bird watching. It is home for colony of northern gannet. You can see them from very close distance and they are beautiful. The highest point of this island is Pinneberg (61.3 metres). You can reach it by short walk around the island, where you can see lighthouse as well.

DAY 5 - Bremen

Bremen is charming town with small cosy centre. Marktplatz is full of historical buildings and you can take picture with famous statue "Town Musicians of Bremen". It is a popular fairy tale retrieved and recorded by the Brothers Grimm. It tells the story of four aging domestic animals, who after a lifetime of hard work are neglected and mistreated by their former masters. Eventually, they decide to run away and become town musicians in the city of Bremen.

You should not miss Am Wall Windmill, the iconic building lying beside the river. You can have a snack in the restaurant inside.

DAY 6 - Hamburg

I was expecting Hamburg to be just an ugly grey port town, but I could not be more wrong. The city centre with monumental town hall is very nice. It is worth going to Warehouse District, so you can see this unique architecture.

If you have couple of hours to spare, you should definitely visit Miniatur Wunderland. You can get lost there for hours and hours. They possess small models of trains. It is the largest area of its kind in the world. You can admire models of Switzerland, Scandinavia, Hamburg or America.

I attach short video to enjoy Miniatur Wunderland from inside.

As usual I like to end my story with local food and drinks...

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