Hot and dry Malta

08/16/2016 - 08/23/2016
by kuba10


DAY 1 - flight from Prague to Malta

DAY 2 - Sliema, Sliema beach, Valletta

DAY 3 - The Three Cities - Vittoriosa, Senglea, Cospicua and night Valletta

DAY 4 - Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Golden Bay

DAY 5 - Dingli Cliffs, Ta'Dmejrek (Ta'Zuta) 253 metres, The Buskett Gardens

DAY 6 - Marsaxlokk

DAY 7 - travel to Gozo Island, the Azure Window, the Blue Hole, Fungus Rock, Inland Sea, Comino Island - Blue Lagoon

Day 8 - Pretty Bay, flight from Malta to Prague

DAY 1-2 - Sliema, Sliema beach, Valletta

Malta is not that type of country we usually go to. No mountains, very hot summers, so it was kind of new for us. When we arrived very hot weather slapped us right into our face. We are used to explore country we visit, walk a lot and it was very hard in that weather.

First we went to see Sliema. We walked around a little bit and tried to get used to local climate. 

Then we went to the capital city of Malta Valletta. Malta is very small country, so with increasing construction works cities around merged into one big urban agglomeration. That results in possibility to walk from one city to another or you can use local buses.

The City of Valletta was officially recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can feel history everywhere around you. Valletta's streets are perfect for wandering and you can find there shadow from sunlight.

You shouldn't miss especially Upper Barrakka Gardens that offer perfect view of Three Cities.

DAY 3 - The Three Cities - Vittoriosa, Senglea, Cospicua and night Valletta

We wanted to explore narrow streets of The Three Cities. It is description of three fortified cities of VittoriosaSenglea and Cospicua. The place we saw from Upper Barrakka Gardens yesterday.

We were walking along the coast and admire omnipresent luxury yachts. We were surprised that we didn't meet a lot of people. It is enigma considering picturesque maze of streets that are meant to get lost inside. I can recommend Inquisitor's Palace that was very nice and calm place.

When it got dark we went back to Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta and enjoyed view of night The Three Cities.

DAY 4 - Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Golden Bay

We took a local bus and went to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay to enjoy Mediterranean Sea. There are two bays you can choose. First one is Golden Bay, it is very crowded with a lot of people, because there is big Radisson Blue Hotel.

On the contrary Ghajn Tuffieha Bay lying on the other side of cliff is calmer and not that crowded. But in high season, there was a lot of people as well. You can refresh yourself in small restaurant. We were also climbing on the cliffs to enjoy view of Malta's coast that is full of old defensive towers that are standing like guards over the cliffs.

DAY 5 - Dingli Cliffs, Ta'Dmejrek (Ta'Zuta) 253 metres, The Buskett Gardens

After one day spent relaxing by the sea, we were in mood for something more adventurous. That is why we went to see Dingli Cliffs. It is area that offers spectacular view over Mediterranean Sea and small island Filfla. It is also highest place of Malta.

Another reason why we went there was to "climb" the highest point of Malta called Ta'Dmejrek or Ta'Zuta that has 253 metres. It was very hard to find it according to instructions we found online. Eventually we arrived to place with a small sign with no text on it. It was the right place according to GPS coordinates, but we are not sure. Nevertheless we say we were at the highest point of Malta.

From Dingli Cliffs we went to the Buskett Gardens that is supposed to be the greenest place on otherwise dry Malta. We wanted to visit Verdala Palace in the heart of Buskett Gardens, but it was unfortunately closed.

DAY 6 - Marsaxlokk

It was Sunday and it is the time when fish market takes place in small fishing village Marsaxlokk. Excluding Sundays it is very calm village with almost no tourists, but on Sundays a lot of people go there. Marsaxlokk is also known for its typical colourful boats making it very photogenic. If you want to taste local fish, Marsaxlokk is probably the best option with variety of restaurants offering fresh fish. We tasted fish called lampuki and it was delicious.

DAY 7 - travel to Gozo Island, the Azure Window, the Blue Hole, Fungus Rock, Inland Sea, Comino Island - Blue Lagoon

This day was definitely the busiest one in Malta. First we went to Gozo Island. We went by bus to Cirkewwa, then by ferry to Mgarr and again by bus to the capital of Gozo Victoria, where we changed the bus and went to Dwejra.

It is area of many important sights of Malta - the Azure Window, the Blue Hole, Fungus Rock and Inland Sea.

The Azure Window was a 28-metre-tall natural arch, it was perhaps the most famous sight of Malta. They were very proud of it. So when it collapsed in stormy weather on 8 March 2017, it was big loss for the country. It was kind of weird that we were there 6 months before it collapsed. 

Close to the Azure Window lies the Blue Hole that is very deep place in the sea leading in the underwater tunnel - popular place for divers.

Other interesting sights in this area are Fungus Rock and Inland Sea. Fungus Rock or Mushroom Rock is known for its Malta Fungus growing on the rock's flat top.

Inland Sea is a lagoon of seawater linked to the Mediterranean Sea through an opening formed by a narrow natural arch.

We wanted to end this busy day on Comino Island. It would be just vast inhabited island if Blue Lagoon wasn't there. This is perhaps the most crowded place in Malta. In high season a lot of boats take number of tourists into Blue Lagoon. It is enormously popular thanks to its azure water.

DAY 8 - Pretty Bay

We spent our last day with just a short trip to Pretty Bay that lies close to Marsaxlokk and enjoyed nice time on the beach.

If I did this trip again, I wouldn't go during high season in summer. I would go probably in spring or autumn, when it is not that hot, so you can explore this country in more convenient way.

If you want to enjoy local specialities, have a fish in Marsaxlokk or rabbit in Valletta. Their portions are too large for most people, so it would be enough to order one main course for two persons.

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