My Italian escape with pm2am to Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan!

05/09/2018 - 05/14/2018

pm2am is a tour operator that goes to the most popular and interesting destinations in Europe. I personally love traveling by car, where the view and the prices are the BEST!

So here is the recap of what went down on the trip to Italy!

 Many nations were picked up in different cities. The experience of getting to know so many new cultures in one bus will be unforgettable (whether it's good or bad) hearing different languages around you from the start makes you feel like you are not alone on this new adventure.  

** if you are new to this, when crossing borders NEVER forget to take your valid passport with you as well your student residence permit (in the case to have one)**

Europe is very strict on this, and during the trip, the teamer in charge of your pm2am experience will have to leave you behind if you do not carry the correct personal identification.




The hotel was too beautiful to only sleep at! Even though I was happy to enjoy the cities for a whole full day :) The hotel had a beautiful pool, big natural areas, and the bed (after a long day walking) was MAGICAL. Breakfast was included in the trip price without any extra charge, but I must say that for the price I paid, the food was enough; not typical Italian but a very basic breakfast.

Our itinerary was filled with activities and sightseeing at every stop!

Here´s a little recap of what happened each day:


Thursday 10.05.2018

After traveling by bus the whole night, and having a quick fresh up in a gas station, we have arrived in VENICE!

We were not allowed to get inside our luggage, lucky me I had my trusty light backpack with me. All together got on the people mover with the trip´s teamer and were taken closer to the center of #Venice.

I rushed with my teamer and some other new friends to our #GONDOLA TOUR. The ride was the most romantic and peaceful boat rides I have ever had. Despite the busy streets, the sound of the water hitting the gondola was too nice to hear. I would have wished our driver to be friendlier, but hey! he´s driving skills could not be judged.

Once off our gondola, I enjoyed some nice free time to get some food and get lost along the old streets of Venice (also to buy food to take back to my hotel; where unfortunately no dinner was served).

I bought the Murano, Burano, and Torcello tour... this was an unexpected once in a lifetime experience. I suddenly found myself discovering places I didn't even have on my bucket list!

#Murano is this island where a special technique for making glass comes from. The tour includes a private session for you to see glass-making LIVE (which completely blew my mind off).

Then, the boat (with super cool drivers) takes you to #Burano! an island with houses painted with all the rainbow colors and more. Once you arrive, get the ice cream of your favorite flavor and search the house with the same color... #instargramadvice!

The tour finishes up in #Torcello, this island is home to the oldest church in Venice. The church at Torcello will transport you back in time (since the island seems untouched, there is no shopping stores, or population *at least to where you go*)

You are told a specific time to go back to where you were dropped off. So this works perfectly when people are on time, and we all go to rest at the hotel. But you always have those travelers that get lost in time :/, fortunately, the pm2am teamers don't make punctual guests wait for too long.

Friday 11.05.2018

Waking up.. breakfast buffet.. off to #FLORENCE!

We arrive at a nice time, mid-morning, not too early not too late to see the place a life. We have a nice sightseeing guided walking tour for approx. one hour (also included in the trip price; no extra cost). This tour helps you to see around, ask questions, and get a deeper historical knowledge of the place.

PISA! though it an optional tour... this you should also not miss out on.

In my wrong belief, Italy is Colosseum + Pisa + Pasta.. or not? In any of the cases, this excursion takes you to Pisa, where you are able to enjoy yourself for 1.5hrs.

After finishing the tour, we picked up those who did not join... and we are off to our hotel!

Saturday 12.06.2018

All paths lead to... #ROME


For this city, you have the option to previously book a Hop on Hop off bus tour. I would highly recommend it if you want to have a look at the whole city, including the Vatican, without sweating and killing your feet. If you are a walking-lover (which I am not) then Rome is big enough to get lost walking the whole day. I mean, we have 9 hours on this city, might as well walk it all!

Around the early afternoon, pm2am offers you the opportunity to book with them a Colosseum guided tour and Foro Romano entrance. Unfortunately, I had to miss out on this, but my bus neighbor did tell that I must take the chance to go inside next time (you have a private tour in English, around the Colosseum, with more insight about the meaning and history. After one hour of a guided tour around the Colosseum, you are free to explore the Foro Romano.

Sunday 13.06.2018

Fresh and up... last day before saying goodbye to this beautiful country :(

After our breakfast, we are off to #Milan!

This city has a little bit of everything you expect to have when you visit Italy: food, historical buildings, fashion, city vibes, old town... oh Milan. 

If you are in to see the best of the best in Milan I suggest the hop on hop off bus (that is if you want to reach the famous stadium of San Siro, home of A.C. Milan and Inter football teams as well as the world´s vertical garden! - too far of a distance for walking)


After great food, nice day with new international friends... our way back home starts.

Monday 14.06.2018

- Traveling back to our home cities and getting the contact of my new friends! :) Until a next time #pm2am 


If you are looking forward to joining, visit the following link: 



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