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Good to know

Iceland is a very safe country, crime level is very low and most main roads are in good shape. If you decide to travel more inland, expect gravel roads and fords on the way. During winter some roads might be closed due to snow and ice.


When to go?

Weather in Iceland is unpredictable and can change rapidly. During winter the daylight is limited to couple hours a day (south). In the north you can experience polar night. During summer the days are long and in the north the sun does not set.

Best time for visit and hiking might be during summer (from June till September), when the days are long and the weather is warmer. For those seeking the northern lights, the best time would be from January till March.

Price level

Iceland is big and rather expensive country. Renting a car might be the best way how to get around. The prices start at around 7 000 Kr per day for a medium size car with insurance, just keep in mind that there might be big excess and deposit on the car (sometimes over 100 000 Kr). If you want to save on accommodation try to find a cottage, they are usually cheaper and comfortable.

What to see?



Biggest and beautiful city by the ocean, offers great dining options and nice places to explore.


Beautiful smaller waterfall located close to Reykjavik near the Thingvellir National park. A short and easy path leads you to the waterfall. You can easily get here by car.


One of the most famous place in Iceland is easily reachable by car. You can admire the active geysir Strokkur which spouts water 30 meters into the air (100 ft) every few minutes.

Glymur waterfall

Another great waterfall located close to Reykjavik. There is about 4 km hike that takes you up to the waterfall with ascent of about 500 meters. To get there you need to go through a small cave and across river.


Located on the south shore of Iceland, close to Vik is Dyrhólaey. From this small peninsula you can admire the south coast and nice rock formations.


This unique place is located in the south of Iceland and offers amazing views of surrounding mountains which are beautifully colored, geothermal river and bath and many hiking options. You can get there on a bus, with a tour or by car (keep in mind that you need to go over few fords, superjeep might be great car choice).


Svartifoss is yet another great waterfall located on the southeast coast of Iceland. To get there take a 2 km path leading up to the waterfall. You will find the best views just before reaching the waterfall.


If you are looking for adventure on the glacier, Vatnajökull is the place for you. Local tourist agencies offer many walking/hiking/climbing opportunities on the glacier. Just keep in mind to reserve your trip beforehand.


Beautiful fishing village located on the east coasts offers great opportunities for fishing and relaxing.


One of the biggest waterfalls in the north shore of Iceland is accessible by car. Just keep in mind that during winter the road might be closed due to snow and ice.


Beautiful Krafla's caldera is located in the north of Iceland. Geothermal power plant is located nearby as well as few short walks around the crater.


This frequently visited area is famous for its geothermal fields, pools filled with boiling mud, hot springs and hissing chimneys. 

Mývatn Natural Baths

If you are looking for a great place to relax, look no further, Mývatn Natural Baths offer pools with geothermal water and much private atmosphere than the Blue Lagoon.

Godafoss waterfall

Another great and easily accessible waterfall located in the north of Iceland. To reach it, just follow a short path from the parking lot.


Nice town in the north of Iceland, great base if you are planning to go whale or puffin watching as most of the boats departs from here. This town also offers great dining options with freshly caught fish.


Another beautiful town in the north. You will find a great botanical garden here.


Glaumbær museum is located in the north of Iceland and gives you an insight into the traditional way of living in the past.


Great place in the north of Iceland to stop if you are interested in seal watching. They tend to stay around the beach, tele lens might be useful.


Great beach on the west coast of Iceland worth the stop.

Blue Lagoon

Probably the most famous thermal pools in Iceland are located close to Reykjavik and are easily accessible by car. This place might be a bit crowded.

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