Exploring Malaysia and Singapore

07/10/2013 - 07/20/2013
by Andy

Day 1 - 3 Cameron Highlands

We got to Malysia on Air Asia flight from Krabi to Kuala Lumpur from where we took a direct bus to Cameron Highlads, the jurney was quite comfortable the views along the road were beautiful. We arrived at the main bus terminal from where we decided to walk to our accommodation (about 40 minutes walk). The climate was much cooler up here and everything was green. Right after we left our bags at the hotel we went on a walk through jungle and along the river which was really nice and ended up next the golf course. The next day we took a bus to the town uphill from where we went on a hike to up to the Mossy forest. The hike was steeply uphil for about 4 km and a bit muddy, but really nice, first we walked through dense jungle and when we got closer to the top the views of surrounding mountains was breathtaking. Since almost all people visit Mossy Forest on a tour (bus, car) during our 3 hours hike we did not meet a single person, which was perfect. The Mossy Forest walk was nice, even though when you hike up to it, you walk through the mossy forest almost all the time, so the actual Mossy forest walk is more for the tourist not willing to hike. On the way back we walked along tea plants, stopped at the strawberry museum (you can pick your own strawberies, but just be carefull, everything you pick you have to pay for and the prices were high). Got dinner in nearby village and since the bus to Tanah Rata was not leaving until an hour, we decided to walk back to our hotel. The next day we took a bus back to Kuala Lumpur (since it was rainy seasin in Penang and Langkawi we did not stop there).

Day 4 - 8 Kuala Lumpur

When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur the temperature was much higher (32°C), but we did not mind at all, nice change. We picked a cheap but actually really comfortable and well located hotel in Chinatown (Chinatown Inn), the room had no window, but otherwise everything we would need. The heart of Chinatown was perfect for little shopping and dining, food stalls with amazing food were at each corner and the variety of fresh fruit was amazing. The first day we went to the Menara Tower and bought tickets to see the city from above, the views were nice, next time I would probably visit it during sunset. From there it was close to the Twin Tower and KLCC park, which was again amazing, with circle for running, which we really enjoyed. The Twin towers were nice as well with a little fountain in front of them. Good place to soak the atmosphere at night.

Next days we wonder around the city we fell in love with and visited the butterfly and bird park, monument Tugu Negara, nice square Merdeka, National Mosque and shopping centers.

The last day we took a train to Batu caves (really close and convinient to get there). In order to get to the caves we needed to climb a pile of stairs, but the cave was really worth it, with beautiful little temple inside, bats flying around and nice view of the city in the distance. Just beware of monkeys, they are everywhere and if the see a bottle or food they want it, so it is better to hide it under t-shirt.

Day 9 - 11 Singapore

Since this was one of our longer vacations (9 weeks) and we did not want to spend all the money at the beginning we decided to visit Singapore in just 3 days so we took the first flight in the morning from Kuala Lumpur and directly from the airport in Singapore we took the train to Universal Studios Singapore, the last leg of the journey we decided to walk (you could take a monorail, cable car or walk) which we really enjoyed. We managed to get there just before they opened so we could enjoy the first hour in the park without the rush. The rollercoaster were nice and the whole atmosphere pleasant (but you cannot compare it with Orlando or other bigger theme parks, this one is smaller). The whole area around the Sentosa island is really nice.

Next days we visited the Marina Bay island (we went up to the viewing platform of the Marina Bay Sands hotel from where the view were really great), Gardens by the bay and then relaxed on the Palawan beach (southernmost point) and visited the Aquarium, all of which was perfect.

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